Accounting Coordinator (Full Time)

The KentRidge Senior Living
May 5, 2023
Kent, OH
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Operations Coordinator


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Company Philosophy

Arrow Senior Living Management wants every person who chooses to join our team to understand that they play a very important part in a much larger story of r esidents' li ves . It is our hope that Arrow team members create joy-filled memories with this respected generation. And because there is no greater gift that someone can give than their time, we thank you for your generosity.

Key Accountabilit ies
1) B e the Fi r st Face of t he community. As the first encounter a visitor has with the community, you will serve as the welcoming host, providing exceptional customer service during every interaction. 2) Be the Go-To Guide . Answer, or help find the answer, to any quest ions receive d by residents, vendors, guests, or employees, whether in person , telephone , or email . 3) Be an Exceptional Assistant. Assist the administrative team in completing any tasks assigned and ensure that phone calls and emails are answered in a time ly and profe ssional manner.
4) Be an Accurate Accounta nt . You are detail-oriented and consci entious , tracking resident occupancy, ensuring accurate resident billing, and correctly app lyin g payments and credits to resident accounts.

D uties

T his position des cription is designated to outline primary duties, qualifications , and job scope, but not limit the individual or the organization to just the work identified. It is our expectation that each employee will offer his/her services wh ere ver and whenever necess ary to e nsur e the success of our endeavors .

  • P resent a professional demeanor that communicates a corporate philosophy of service, goodwill, and genuine interest in ea ch resident's needs.
  • Provide first-class customer service .
  • Handle receipt of vendor invoice s and di stri bution to appropriate department head. Submit vendor invoices weekly to the Home Office after ensuring all are coded and approved.
  • Respond to vendor inquiries regarding paymen t status promptly and professionally, utilizing accounting software t o provid e de tailed information.
  • Ensure all check requests are completed entirely and accurately before submission to the Home Office for processing.
  • Review Resident Status Change, Move In, and Move Out Forms are completed entirely and accurately before s ubmissio n to the Home Office for processing.
  • Maintain daily occupancy records in healthcare software system and work with Executive Director to ensure all necessary forms are submitted wh en changes occur.
  • Make monthly calls to collect unpaid balances.
  • Wo rk with Exec utive Director to provide accurate status of collecting any open accounts rec eivable balances monthly .
  • Maintain archival records of all check requests, vendor invoices, re sident payments, and status change forms submit ted to the Home Office.
  • Responsi ble for distribution, tracking distr ibutions , replenishment, and reconci liation of community petty cash.
  • Assist Executive Director in monthly resident invoicing process.
  • Ente r daily deposit information into healthcare software system and submit b ack up d ocum entation to the Home Office.
  • Help new residents understand how to r ead their monthly statement and answer any questions that residents or family members bring regarding th eir monthly statement.
  • Introduce new residents and family members to th e online resi dent portal where they can access their monthly statements and make one-time payments or sign up for auto-pay. Work with Home Office to resolve any issues or concerns immed iately.
  • Responsible for ensuring all accounts receivable are received in a tim ely manner and entered appropriately for tracking and receipt by the acc ounting department.
  • Input all accounts payable information and review for accuracy to ensure bills are t racked and paid appropriately.
  • Deposit checks via check scanner
  • They als o need t o re cord daily purchases and ancillary charges for resident accounts and assist the ED with accurate occupancy tracking .
  • Maintain and be responsible for reception area and assi st Execut ive Director.
  • Responsible for all telephone and front desk proc edures a nd w ill directly supervise receptionists.
  • Review accounts payable prior to mailing and disbursing all check requests promptly .
  • Co mplete all administrative duties timely and as required, includ ing b ut not limited to, copying, filing, and data entry in order to support the Executive Director .
  • Familiarize yourself with residents of the Community.
  • Maintain 24-hour communication log and communicate findings.
  • Accurately manage reside nt records ensur ing co mpleted resident agreements and adequate follow-up on spec ial agreements and renewals.
  • Assist Sales and Administrat ion with assign ed tasks according to Move-In Coor dination .
  • Facilitat e and turn in all move-in paperwork for al l new move-ins by coordinating with the leasi ng team to schedule appointments at the time of deposit.
  • Keep a curr ent appointment log of new residents scheduled for lease signing p aperwork.
  • Create, in conjunction with Executive Director, all resident renewa l letters a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to lease expiration and distribute a ccording .
  • Ca lendar and fol low up with all renewals beginning fifteen (15) days after sending renew al letters.
  • Order and maintain inventory of office supplies for the Community , as needed.
  • Maintain schedule/resident sign- up sheets for activities/transportat ion.
  • Wor k wi th department heads to schedule transportation.
  • Monitor emergency call system and resp ond via set protocol.
  • A ttract potential residents by providing a warm, friend ly atmosphere; be open to questions and the r elationship -building processes; and gather a ppro priate informa tion u pon arrival.
  • Create and/or update resident records and inputs new resident information into appropriate information systems, including R esident S ervices and W ellness.
  • Proactively address p roblems and concerns for residents .
  • Assist w ith day-to-day clerical office wor k.
  • Contribute to team efforts by co mmunicating informat ion properly and thoroughly.
  • E xhibit respect, professionalism , and c ourtesy consistently and to reject any attempts at negativ e gossip.
  • Create and develop a cu lture of ope n communication throughout the community both within and between departments, employe es, and residents.
  • Be a go-to resource for all employees. T his dep artment will have the functionality to know and understand where any and all information is located wit hin the building.
  • Utilize free advertising sources available such as websites, social networking sites, and information within the Chamber of Comm erce Ne wsletters to expand exposure.
  • Presenting all infor mation within a professional, meaningful format t hat provides all ne cessary information without opinion or clutter.
  • Management of communications within the build ing, including entering work orders and performing follow-up telephone call s to ensure resident satisfaction.
  • Observe resident s ' ability to perf orm daily ADLs and social skills, communicate potential difficulties or opportun ities to the appropriate team me mber.
  • Participate in all tra ining of fered by employer.
  • Ensure residents who are sleeping in the front lobby/business area are assisted i n moving to their apartment, or that they are engaged in a community event or program, a nd that proper team member is no tified.
  • Light housekeeping d uties of common areas in sight of front desk.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Candidate must be at l east 18 years of age .
  • Shall have a high school diploma, or equivalent.
  • Experienc e in handling bookkeeping and kn owledge of basic accounting with an ability to adhere to the company's acco unting policies.
  • Able to read, write, understand , and communi cate in Engl ish at a minimum of 12 th grade proficiency.
  • Be proficient at Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Google Docs .
  • Possess clear verbal and w ritten c ommunication skills, with attention to detail.
  • Able to follow written and verbal directions and appl y practi cal problem-solving skills as needed.
  • Positive and energetic attitude.
  • Profess ional in appearance and conduct.
  • Be criminally cleared by ba ckground check.
  • Be in good health and physical ly and mentally capable of performing assigned tasks. Good ph ysical h ealt h shall be verified by a physician not more than six (6) months prior to or seven (7) days following employm ent. Must test free from pul monary t uberculosis at time of health screening .
  • Must be able to work varying hours as needed with reliable means of tra nsportation.

Physical Requirements

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly requir ed to communicate in person and through written correspondence. This positi on is sedentary, requiring sitting at a desk up to eight hour s a day. The position also requires standing, w alking, bending, kneeling, and stooping for brief periods of a time. This position also requires employee to be able to retrieve items from storage, including overhead bins or cabinets. The employee must be ab le to li ft a nd/or move items up to 25 pounds. T he job functions are primarily indoors, but employee may be required to w ork outside for events .

? Arrow Senior Living Management, L LC Rev. 12 / 15 / 202 1


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